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Volcanic islands straddling the equator, 1000 km off the coast of Equador. Lush and green on the windward side, but desert on the lee side.
Bainbridge CraterBainbridge Crater (13x47)Bainbridge IBainbridge I (13x19)Bainbridge IIBainbridge II (13x19)Bainbridge IIIBainbridge III (13x19)Bartolomé Island ShoreBartolomé Island Shore (13x27)Floreana_017717Floreana_017717_13x19Islands off Samta CruzIslands off Samta Cruz (13x19)Kicker RockKicker Rock (13x19)Kicker Rock at TwilightKicker Rock at Twilight (13x24)PahoehoePahoehoe (13x19)

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