There are about 600 species of butterflies found in the United States - though their numbers seem to be dwindling rapidly. In contrast we have roughly 12,000 species of moths! Since butterflies are diurnal people are quite familiar with them; but most moths only come out at night. Still, some of the most colorful Lepidoptera species are moths - the Cecropia, Luna, and Io are some that I've seen (though not all photographed) in Michigan.
August AfternoonAugust Afternoon (11x13)Cecropia MothCecropia Moth (8x10)Common Buckeye I (8.5x11)Common Buckeye II (8.5x11)Common Wood Nymph I (13x19)Common Wood Nymph IICommon Wood Nymph II (13x19)Eastern Black SwallowtailEastern Black Swallowtail (13x19)European SkipperEuropean Skipper (12x16)Eyed Brown (13x19)FInal ApproachFinal Approach (13x16)20D_07616Giant Swallowtail (13x19)Great Spangled Fritillary and European Skipper (13x19)Little Wood Satyr and Robber Fly (13x19)

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