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Welcome to my world! For many years I've been learning how to see some of the things that other people seem to overlook; I'd like to share a few of these with you.

When at home I focus on the little lives that most people never notice - bugs, frogs, the flowers that never seem to make it into gardens (except by accident).

When I travel, I look for both the large and the small - I rarely get to visit the same place twice, so it's harder to be selective.

Most photos here are optimized for printing at specific sizes; a "virtual matte" is already applied. See the caption of each photo for details.

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Guestbook for Kurt W Hillig II - Nature & Wildlife Photography
Marion and Malcolm Powers(non-registered)
Kurt, what a wonderful accomplishment! Congratulations and blessings on you for all future efforts! We know that you put great care and attention into your photography so are not surprised that you have this production! We also know that Kathy is a partner in all of this so we thank her for being such a good support for you. May you both enjoy many years in retirement with your eyes wide open to God's creation. More, more!!!
Steve and Mary(non-registered)
Just heard on NPR: "It takes time to listen to the frogs..."
Ted Holzmann(non-registered)
Spectacular photos, Kurt. Looking forward to seeing more as you build up the portfolio!
The guestbook is empty.